Our Ethos

EPOK is a creative hub that is community focused.

EPOK’s vision is to create an artist-led space in which artists can shape their own artistic development and education.  We offer:


Artist Studios

  • Affordable studios, setting up a thriving membership of artists and fostering a supportive and critical atmosphere to develop diverse art practice

  • Three artist studios on the first floor. From Spring 2020 the studio space will extend to the ground floor as well.


  • Our mission for the studios is to have an informal, community feel where we can help each other out but at the same time have the privacy to work alone if needed.


Jennifer - the Manager of EPOK

Jennifer has been involved with EPOK from its inception and has shaped it into what it is today: inclusive, enthusiastic and open-minded. We wanted you to know more about her and how she sees the future of EPOK, so here it is in her own words:

"I have always been drawn to art, coming from a family that has always appreciated its importance, and was encouraged to enjoy it.  However, as I grew up and the learnt that the 'reality' of life as an adult needed more than just enjoyment I became stuck. I finished my art A-Levels not knowing what to do.  I managed to scare myself off from studying art at Uni as I could only see two possible outcomes: starving as an artist or designing greeting cards (not that i have anything against greeting cards! - I have since done just that anyway). So I went to Uni with the intention of being primary school teacher. 

During my BA (Hons) in Education and Creative Writing I moved more and more to the creative side of myself and my dissertation ended up being a fully illustrated self-authored book. I took a year out after this and lived in Paris for a while before moving to Brighton. During this time I reassessed what i wanted to do with my life. I wanted to create art and I still wanted to teach, but I wanted to teach children art in my own way, without the restrictions that come with a school. So i cancelled my PGCE year and started to set up EPOK. 

Three long years later we opened in September 2016 and had our first exhibition. It was exhilarating but it was only the beginning of a venture that has been  thrilling, unpredictable, full of new people and very hard work. Over past few years EPOK has seen more exhibitions, kids art classes, artists  using our space to expand their practice and really push themselves, creative workshops, parties, club bookings, mindfulness classes, corporate active art events and more.  So much for a standard career; instead, bring on the artist lifestyle with all its brilliance and pitfalls."