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Farewell to EPOK's Creative Space

Dear EPOK supporters

We have had many twists and turns since we started our plans for EPOK Art Studios and Gallery in September 2016. The Gallery had some successful events – with many of you showing up to our opening nights -   and four exhibitors have gone on to have their work displayed in prestigious shows at much more glamorous venues, including our own Jennifer and Tony Noble in the recent Sunday Times watercolour competition in London’s Mall gallery.

Planning, finding and organising exhibitors and curating shows was a huge endeavour for Jennifer. Some parts were fun, other parts tough and all of it was exhausting. So, a great learning but it made sense for the gallery to become a creative space.

We had help from the EPOK community Dan, Sam and crucially Teina who rocked in the role of EPOK Marketing Manager and was great fun to work with. Thank you, and especially Teina.

EPOK Creative Space launched in April this year and again many of you attended the opening event.  We gave it six months but our review shows that the effort to manage it nowhere near matches the income it needs to generate so we have decided from January next year to have the whole building as artist studios only.

This puts EPOK on a more stable if less glamorous footing.  No longer will I mingle at opening nights, glass in hand, pretending to know what I was talking about and amazed at how gifted Jennifer is at bringing her organisational skills, energy and artistic talent to realise so many of our original plans. It’s been a wild ride but, hopefully, Jennifer will now produce more of her art for the world to love.

A big THANK YOU to you all for your support and encouragement over the past three years.

Jean Samuel

November 2019